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Welcome to the reviews section

Posted 16 January 2002, 5.39 pm by Alexander

Here is where you'll find reviews of books, movies, art, games, gadgets, sites etc. old and new.

If you want to write for this section, email

Welcome to the Links section

Posted 16 January 2002, 5.37 pm by Alexander

Here is where you're gonna hopefully find posts about cool, funny and informative links from all over the net.

Want to post here? Email


Posted 15 January 2002, 11.53 pm by Villager

Ever get the feeling you're just a passenger, in life? I get that a lot. Not just when I'm drunk, either, although being drunk is a good example. The feeling of having very little control - or will - over what's going on, and the feeling that you're just not feeling things that you should be. Be it sitting in the pub midway through your fifth pint of Stella, or sitting on the bus on the way to work, that feeling that a whole other world is 'going on' is always there.

Once upon a time I might have put it down to thinking that I was missing out on something - God knows what - perhaps it was youthful ignorance and enthusiasm for the new world I had yet to explore. But I know what life is now, I know what will and wont disappoint me, the extent to which i can be surprised in the Big Wide World - and yet I still seem like a passenger. Perhaps it's because I'm not as socially-minded as a lot of people, and I am sometimes jealous of the interaction some people seem to enjoy all the time. But then I remember why I'm not so socially-minded.

Because I don't enjoy the average person's company as much as I would like. Why then, this almost nostalgic observation of people, of simple interactions that I take no notice of when I am a part of them? Of watching a busy high street, or a crowded cafeteria, or a park, or a shop.. and feeling utterly detached from everything that goes on? You know what the weirdest thing is? I don't even know if I'm happy about it - or not.

Still here.

Posted 15 January 2002, 8.45 pm by Alexander

Recently, I've noticed something that I thought would never happen has started itself in motion.

The net is losing it's novelty.

Sure I spend most of my freetime connected, but more frequently than ever interaction with other online people leaves me depressed, frustrated, or angry. I find myself going around in ever decreasing circles, with as the center. I just get the feeling I've seen everything. I worked for a death site for 3 months, one day I viewed roughly 1500 images of dead people. That was boring. I just know there's more out there. The internet is immense, why do I only have 20 sites on my favourites list?

I feel like I've grown up in a small secluded village, and I've grown up. I want to leave and see what exists past my garden gate.

P.S. If you want to write for this site, mail me. I'm looking for front page writers, and writers for new sections reviewing movies, music and books. I'll explain more to those who express an interest.

On the Human Purpose

Posted 12 January 2002, 6.56 pm by Shaggy

Every human being has an aim. Whether it be benign or malignant, preposterous or rational, there is a tiny passion inside even the most inanimate of the living which is a driving force: a mother strives to protect her child, a father strives to educate his young, the philosopher strives to see the most of wisdom. The inanimate strive to survive, or they perish. The perishable strive to see a better world on the other side.

It is this "aim" in which humanity survives. If one has a purpose, whatever the case may be, one will exist that much longer to see it through, even if that passion is not horribly not constructive. The alcoholic lives to see another empty bottle, the television addict strives to see another showcase, the pessimist lives to prove how terrible the world is.

In the "aim" we are united. Yet, in this very unity, we have very many subcategories that divide us. One person's aim can be the very destruction of another. It is this unity of well-being that has led to many sociological and political issues. How does that which will destroy be avoided?

Violence is the easiest concept that the human condition must shed. Passionate discharge is followed by discharge is followed by discharge. The angry begat the angered, and the circle, once begun, is never solved. An action that presupposes itself can never be destroyed unless the original action ceases.

This is the problem: never, in the history of humanity, has one person ever been able to have enough stature as to make the entire world listen to his/her very words, and to follow. So the end of violence must not come from the advice of any human: it must come from a source that we can all share and worship. Fascism leads to jealousy, unless the leader who rules us all is not of the human race. It is highly impossible that we will ever find a leader in the animal kingdom. Thus, we must worship the cross, the Kabballa, the Koran, the Latin Vulgate, the Old Testament, Mathematics, and any such dogma, religious or otherwise, in the hopes that it is not rooted in lies, and that we will be visited by that which can deliver us from our selves.

And so we wait together.

Yet what if we can provoke this ethereal and surreal creature to come to our aid? Our pleads and prayers have, as of yet, kept us from a second coming of any such omnipotent creator, but we truly need divine intervention. Yet, if what we are told is true, the second coming may very well be the end of the human race.

Is it possible that our only salvation is through our own destruction?

Another possibility is in a message which is not delivered by this creator Himself, but rather from an intermediary. The writer often finds himself staring back at words that might not seem his own. This sort of "possession" could lead mankind to trust a message even if it is delivered from his/her own faulty race.

Yet how do we convince the entire world that a message is not altered, and has, indeed, been passed directly from another race, of divinities, and is merely "passed on" to the hands and lips of the human intermediary?

This is also a difficult prospect, for often the most bold of claims can be seen as mental disorder, or cerebral chaos. How do we trust our own flesh?

Simply put, I cannot see any way that even I could trust my own kind. We are a faulty bunch, and thus not prone to be trusted. All that is lacking for world peace is a universal message, and yet this is the most impractible of all events. For the message cannot pass from lips, but from the air around us, from the ground underneath our feet, or from the clouds above our heads. We need the Mother to call unto us, and beg us of our mercy. And yet, we have often heard this cry. The earth is passing into failing, and yet still some cling to their guns, their nuclear weapons, and their knives. Even fists must be rid in order for our Mother to be soothed, but there is no prospect for the loss of these things.

So, even though I know it to be only to be disregarded, I beseech all of Earth to hear our Mother's cry, to not wait until the seond coming to hear of violence's hideous and insipid circle of torture before you lay down your arms.

I fear the Earth has not much more patience for us as it stands now, let alone if we tempt her even further.

Why you're not as cool as you think you are

Posted 12 January 2002, 2.38 pm by Alexander

I was discussing with my good iFriend Anton today in the akpcep IRC chan about music or somesuch and he asserted his mates uncle was a better guitarist than me. I said "Most likely". This got me thinking - unless I was Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or whoever the best guitarist ever is/was, there will always be a better guitarist.

This applies to everything. Think you're good at hacking linux boxes? There's a guy called Keith in Melbourne Australia who fucking 0wns j00. Too bad. Think you're a great dancer? This girl called Mary in New York just won her 10th dance award. Makes you look like an epileptic rhino. Shit eh?

We should always strive to be the best we can, but accept our limitations. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

Johnny 5

Posted 10 January 2002, 6.11 pm by Villager

We live in an artificial environment. Everything around us, the houses we live in, the paths we walk on, the entertainment we use - even the goddamn food we eat is full of crap that could probably power a rocket - and nobody bats an eyelid about it anymore. It is the norm for people to take in considerable, constant doses of harmful substances, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine - all as part of a typical 'diet'. We are also subjected to equally harmful elements in the outside world, car fumes, radiation, etc.

This combination of toxins and chemicals, artificial ingredients and drugs - this combination cannot be good for you. The human body was not meant to process such a vast quantity of dangerous elements - and there's no way that in the past 200 years of industrialisation and modernisation that it has evolved to do so.

The effect of this concoction? Do we simply change as humans, and behave, live slightly differently and somehow survive despite the massive influences? Or have we changed as a people, our lifestyles irrevocably artificial in so many ways, and become somehow separate from our ancestors in a way which none alive can change, and none unborn can escape?

System Overload

Posted 9 January 2002, 2.52 am by Villager

We are born. We grow up amid a stream of information, education; learning. Like little sponges we soak up the environment around us - both natural and that which the state inflicts upon us - and we grow, physically and intellectually. Our intelligence is accelerated, our minds stimulated and we become adults.

New thoughts replace old ones, new ideas, concepts, principles and beliefs creep into our lives and what we define as our personality is constantly in flux. Who we are one year is often unrecognisable a year later, often physically as well as mentally. Our struggles in life leave many scars, physical and emotional, scars which do not always heal all the way over.

Passage of life and of time. We grow, we develop, we evolve as people. Does anything remain of the infants who looked up at their parents and smiled in wide-eyed wonder, so many years ago? Or do our respective environments constantly shape and reshape us, so that who we were 1, 5, 10 or 50 years ago becomes nothing more than memory and old photographs?

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This is a little photomanipulation thingy, I whipped up during my study for a Psychology Exam. Just felt like doing something else than reading, so I came up with this.

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Hey Cris, it's as busy here as it was at the end - which is to say, not at all

I wish I could new you guys was here in the beginning of 2020 LOL

OMG I was feeling nostalgic and I can’t believe that AKP is still here! So how’s it going ?

Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.


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