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How gay are you...

Posted 30 July 2002, 7.45 pm by Craig

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this link, but if they have I'm sure someone will tell me...

How gay are you.

Believe it or not, but I am only 16% gay... I think I'd better take it again!


Posted 30 July 2002, 3.59 pm by Villager

This is a short guide to help you spot and stamp out these evil bastards. They are everywhere these days. They could be in your own family, YOU could even be a Smartey Linux Man. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there are a couple of different species.

"Except for drinkin', but he knew that I would"

Posted 27 July 2002, 10.48 pm by Jake

Here you go. The definitive search engine for various alcoholic concoctions.

All of the bibulous members of AKpCEP will thank me.



Posted 27 July 2002, 10.42 pm by Jake

I have come to realize one thing,. I don't know. Between shuffling my personal life, work time and all of the various things that are zipping back and forth within my family life, I just don't know. I'm lost, in a sense. I haven't taken time to do much at all other than to cater to the needs of my family and friends. Hell, I haven't even taken the time to write anything for this website. It makes me feel somewhat guilty, but then I realize the fact that all of my priorities have taken a course of re-alignment. I've become more preoccupied with the physical and emotional aspects of life than I have for my own creativity. I haven't drawn or painted anything in about two weeks, I haven't written anything (except for pointlessly personal journal entries) for about a month. I'm not really slacking off, just stalling. For what reason I do not know.

I just realize the fact that something is going to happen, and I'm steeling myself for it as I write this. What's going to happen? No clue. It's just this impending feeling of potential problems. Portentious feelings have been clogging my brain for weeks. I can't avoid them.

For many of you, my diatribe may come off as mindless bullshit ranting, but this is a catharsis of sorts. I feel as if I owe something to my own creativity, but to what extent? I remain clueless, and wait for something to happen. Maybe that's my problem. I'm waiting. I'm not going out and changing anything, I'm just sitting on my ass waiting for it to come along and present itself. Maybe I should get up from this chair. Maybe I should go do something important right now.

Just wait here for a minute, I'll be right back....

Who are you?

Posted 27 July 2002, 8.10 pm by Craig

Take the "Which Internet Personality Are You?" quiz!!!.

I'm a dogbomb...

Hot or Not

Posted 25 July 2002, 4.49 pm by Craig

The creators of are proud to present:

Rate my Weblog!!

Go submit your weblog and find out what other people think!!.

The Wrong way...

Posted 23 July 2002, 3.12 pm by Craig

Holy shit, something strange has happened to google!!

Visit Site.

Physical ownership of self

Posted 19 July 2002, 11.00 pm by Alexander

The increasing popularity of body modification - piercings, tattoos, scarification etc - is arguably testament for the most part to a shift in societal values. But let's factor in what I believe to be a more important and potentially more revealing aspect of this 'climate change' in body image. As our world changes, so do we (inevitably) so it is near impossible to separate the two aspects, but taking a wider view, the changes in how we perceive society reflect how we perceive ourselves.

Our physical shell has become more than just a vessel. More than a housing for a hungry stomach, an active brain and (for the sake of argument) a directionless soul. I would postulate a link between increasing commercialisation and our view of our corporeal form as a 'hanger' for designer label clothing or other fashionable items. As the world becomes an advertising hoarding, so too do our bodies. Hence we are not only unperturbed by paying to advertise The Gap, we in some cases actively seek to do so.

Although tattooing in particular has crossed from the tribal/alternative scene into mainstream with apparent ease, more extreme cases are still the bastion of the 'underground'. This could be symptomatic of the 'taking back' of the body from the generic, packaged corporate object it can increasingly easily become. In each case, such body modification can be interpreted as a reclaiming of the vessel by the soul.

There is no real need any more to separate oneself from another social group using body modification. The perceived segregation of different cultural subgroups has blurred so much in recent years as to make it more redundant than ever. I foresee this rapid reduction in hard distinctions increasing as society becomes more and more homogenous. When society itself becomes StarBucks and Subway, the consumers become more individualistic by default. They have to, even by small degrees. Having a tattoo or a pierced lip is no longer taboo, or seen as a particularly radical feature. While you would think the increased number of modified bodies would lead to a broader homogeneity, rather it leads to more and more potential differences between us. It's no longer have you a tattoo or not, it's where is yours and what is it of?

As such, body modification is like a barcode. Before long, as the percentage of the population who have chosen to mark themselves as 'unpure' or 'customised', we will recognise one another not by skin colour or accent but by number and extremity of piercing, size and complexity of tattoo, inventiveness of implant or choice of plastic surgery. These factors will go into the melting pot to make us who we are. Because we have taken control and designed ourselves.

As religion and the concept of a divine creator dwindles in the public consciousness our debt to him/her dwindles with it. We are quickly learning that our corporeal aspect is ours and ours only and should be taken ownership of. Abuse it, perfect it, customise it. It's a shift I relish as before we can truly relate to one another, it is arguable that we should know ourselves. The best way to know anything is to explore and experiment and to take control.

Hopefully soon our bodies will cease to be something we use to exist while we wait for it to fail on us and become a canvas, a soapbox and a means of expression and self-discovery. The societal shift that allows us to make the choice in the first place is the first step to a more enlightened and empowered world, and a more self-assured, open-minded and accepting climate in which to enjoy who we are.

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I truly believe that Vancouver has one of the most beautiful cityscapes. This photo was taken late in the afternoon. The way the sun was hitting the water almost brought me to tears. I think that someone should make this into a postcard that promotes our beautiful city.


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Hey Cris, it's as busy here as it was at the end - which is to say, not at all

I wish I could new you guys was here in the beginning of 2020 LOL

OMG I was feeling nostalgic and I can’t believe that AKP is still here! So how’s it going ?

Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.


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