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Dave Brockie Experience - Songs For The Wrong

Posted 16 July 2003, 4.17 am by The_Roach

Unintelligible and bizarre lyrics. Composition style that seemingly consists of having a hamster shit on a musical staff. Vocals that make you want to rupture your eardrums with whatever happens to be handy. These are the hallmarks of Dave Brockie Experience, side project of GWAR members Dave Brockie, Mike Derks and Brad Roberts.

Songs For The Wrong, the ambitious follow-up to their 2001 debut Diarrhea of a Madman, is ... well, it's certainly something. You simply can't say that a group of individuals like this have "matured", but the album is far more cohesive than earlier work. This is probably more due to writing an album instead of slapping a group of previously unreleased tracks with a few newly written songs than any sort of new synergy between musicians who have played together for years already.

Juvenile tracks about getting head from unattractive women and having sex with the mentally challenged are the stock in trade. Still, the album manages to balance these out with songs about the massacre at Shatilla, a soldier thinking of his mother as he dies and I Wanna Be A Squirrel, a wacky ditty that's probably the closest thing to an honest love song Brockie is capable of producing. Toss in an Irish drinking song and a reflection on the lack of cheese in Chinese cuisine, and you've got a well-played if fucking stupid collection.

Is it good music? Yes and no. Derks' guitar work is spectacular throughout and, as Brockie's ego has apparently allowed for someone else to have a bit of the limelight, we do get the opportunity to enjoy a good bit of talented instrumental work on a few tracks (He's Going Crazy! being the best example). Much of the album is annoying to no end however, containing humor that was better left on the playground. I expect nothing less than to have it in my player for months to come.

And, whatever you do, don't look at the sixth page of the liner notes under any circumstances.


Posted 14 July 2003, 6.51 am by The Green Mamba

“Our entire life is a dual between finding our way out of The Hologram or trying to recreate True Reality within The Hologram.”
Let me put it this way. Humans are either trying to get to "heaven" or trying to create "heaven" here on earth. My theory is that this is all an attempt to escape The Hologram (and experience True Reality (heaven)) or to recreate True Reality (heaven) within The Hologram.

But the attempt of recreating Heaven on Earth (read as "True Reality" and "hologram") is either by people who don't believe in the practical possibility of Heaven (as a scientist) or people who believe it is God's will to order Earth according to the laws of Heaven. However, is this possible? Can one level become the other level? Only awareness can bridge the gap, not mind (which is The Hologram).

Maybe before The Hologram was created/born/evolved all realms were one ... maybe its all a matter of shattering the illusion ... and what will remain will be True Reality - or heaven as some call it. Maybe that is where the whole Life after Death idea originated ... by killing The Mind all that remains is Consciousness ... and Consciousness resides outside The Hologram. However ... if you surrender to The Beast ... then it drains your energy ... and nothing remains after death (or too little to escape The Hologram) Suddenly reincarnation doesn't seem like such a foreign idea anymore - actually it makes more sense than ever. In order to advance in the holographic chain you need to reach a higher level of awareness, until you reach a high enough level to escape The Hologram. On the other hand if you surrender to The Beast, your awareness becomes diluted ... and you are trapped inside The Hologram as a lower being. Maybe we are not human, animal, tree or rock. Maybe we are all the same ... just less or more aware. Since humans are the highest forms of life on the planet ... it makes sense that we would be the targets of something like "the flyers" (although I still have a slight problem accepting that an outside force is responsible - I still think that the flyers are something that originated internally). We are one step away (consciously) from True Reality ... and that is why "they" harvest our energy ... to sustain The Hologram as a food source.

I think the relationship between The Beast and humans is either similar to that of us and cows or chickens (we are conveniently placed in mental coops or pastures, by a power that has us in its palm, just because we won’t accept its is there), or then similar to healing with prayer - or mental effort - we have subconsciously decided that there is something holding ourselves back.

Perhaps it’s a predatorial universe after all… I don’t believe the Darwinistic “survival of the fittest” theory – people aren’t built to compete, to challenge their environment: ulcers, anxiety and stress disorders are fair proof of that in the human, and his ecological catastrophe is proof of that in nature – but when the competition is energetic, between creatures of different worlds*, and the way to stay “fittest” is calmness, balance, and collectedness – not physical fitness, that jars the mind and emotions, but WHOLE fitness – then I’ll agree with it. It corresponds to the facts then, as I see it.
*If the flyers feed on us, are others capable of feeding on flyers? Does the predatorial universe – tigers and bears, hunger and disease, tornadoes and floods and flame – force us to evolve until we can gain mastery of our world, so that we can defend against other worlds…. Again – this is high speculative fiction (as always fiction clears the way for fact).

No…going back to my last comment on the predatorial universe… we are intrinsically one with this holographic universe, and thus something can only harm us when we accept it, agree to it at some level. The universe is predatorial because of the inner conflict we have…no, this is only assuming that the mind directly correlates to the universe, or the universe reflects the individual – a teaching in many beliefs, like Native American shamanism, Zen Buddhism and esoteric Judaism (the kabbalah) and the western mystery tradition – but not necessarily true.

“The Beast - Yes ... it is all that and to take those aspects away from it is to think less of it ... but what lies behind the greed, fear and lies? Satan? Or is it just another aspect of True Reality from which The Holographic Universe is being projected? How big a part does The Hologram you and I play in the image that is being projected? Is The Beast a product of The Hologram or ingrained in the underlying reality that projects the picture?

I see The Beast as a force that is generated subconsciously by "The Mind". It exists because we (or the flyers) subconsciously created it ... but it only exists as long as we subconsciously fuel its existence. If we can irradiate all its aspects from our minds then it will cease to be (easier said than done). It is much bigger than the individual, but contained within the global mind. I don't see The Beast as part of True Reality (Consciousness at its core), but rather as something that exists only within The Hologram itself. Almost like flaws in the image that is being projected ... psychological interference between the holographic film itself and the image we see."

So, re-phrasing, we exist in cages in the palm of a power, which we either let in accidentally or created ourselves - this power is subconscious and impersonal, but keeps us trapped efficiently and what almost seems like intelligently (just as water could be considered "intelligent" because it always takes the path of least resistance). (This intelligent manner of the impersonal force is the origin of conspiracy theories, which always assume a "they" out there, plotting to get them (subconsciously affirming the Beast).) It is contained within the collective subconscious and thus in every mind. Yes, flaws in the image that is being projected... Flaws originating from The Mind.

On the other hand if I take theory that in The Holographic Universe, even the smallest part of The Hologram contains a smaller image of the entire hologram ... then The Beast in its entirety resides within each of us.

That’s it, the last instalment in this series of posts (do I hear a sigh of relief?). Whether you accept or reject some of the scientific information and theories presented here (and in the source documents) is entirely up to you and your susceptibility to something that does not fit the standard model of the world we know. However, one thing can not be denied … that there are things in this world (and beyond it) that our current model of reality can not explain … whereas everything that was previously ascribed to religion or “beyond our understanding” fit perfectly into the Holographic Shamanistic Quantum Animistic Model of The Universe.

To Any and All Who Read This

Posted 13 July 2003, 10.54 pm by Arguile

The tightrope walker takes a bow towards the crowd, applies chalk to his hands and bare feet, then begins his journey across the rope. He begins to sway and for a brief moment all appears to be lost for the man. But just as suddenly he regains his balance and again walks down the rope. Finally, twelve feet from the end of the rope, the tightrope walker extraordinaire plummets to his death. A homeless man who watched the whole scene unfold began to weep when he saw the man plunge one last time. Another spectator walked up to the man and asked if he knew the recently deceased. His reply was:
"I know the man not, but I know his plight well. I too toppled and my life as it is was the injury I sustained."
You'll have to pardon the Zarathrustra-esque anecdote I just spewed your way, but I came across the realization that life is oftentimes like that. My step-father always used to tell me that I was "walking a thin line between disaster and safety"... and I used to wonder how only a thin line could seperate two such extremes. And then I realized that that is precisely what life is like. There is good on your right, bad on your left, and a two-foot walkway between them that we attempt to walk day in and day out.

But even that doesn't seem like it sums up what life is truly like. There is no epic struggle between good and evil... there are two evils and a two-foot walkway between that signifies the lesser evil, the compromise we make. Though one evil may seem good-natured at first, most things that are pure and sanctive are often those that lead us further astray.

Take for instance, a relationship. Everyday that you are in a relationship, you walk a fine line between thinking with your head and thinking with your heart/reproductive organs. If you ever think think with one and not the other, you run the risk of pacifying the beast (aka - the significant other) at best, or ruining the relationship at worst. Too many pre- and post-pubescent humans these days throw around the L-Bomb (for those that have no idea what this is, it's the infamous "I Love You" that is typical of my generation) like it's going out of style, and while your heart and your genitals scream "IT'S RIGHT, JUST SAY IT!!" more often than not it's a case of succumbing to emotions and will ultimately cause the downfall of any and all related situations.

On the other hand, if you think with your head and wait as long as is humanly possible to say it, the related parties will typically get frustrated. This generally leads to either saying the phrase though you don't mean it, or the end of the relationship in question. There are exceptions to every rule, so don't jump down my throat with your "What If..." and "One Time, I..."s aimed at my skull. I speak of generalization.

So it would appear in this given hypothetical situation that the only option which coincides with the "path dividing the two" would be to wait as long as is prudent, and if the feeling still remains THEN and ONLY THEN vocalize it. However, this is Robert Frost's "path less taken" and if you take it, Mr. Frost so eloquently had the foresight to predict that it will make "all the difference".


Posted 11 July 2003, 8.01 am by The Green Mamba

Before you read any further, please keep in mind that these articles are an amalgamation of a series of emails between myself and Dragonfly. I’ve re-arranged things so that they make a little more sense, but many of the points we raised validates further explanation, so feel free to ask if something isn’t clear. Time is not a very good friend of mine right now and it may take a while before I am able to produce a single coherent article that explains in more detail some of the things we discussed.
[This note was prompted by EEP’s comments – thanks for reading this far]

If The World is a hologram ... and The Hologram is sustained by our and possibly a higher Consciousness ... then am I safe to hypothesize that Jesus and all the other religious prophets could be manifestations of The Truth that lies buried deep within our minds ... or possibly a manifestation of the higher Consciousness to guide us towards The Truth ... or a combination of both (The son of man ... The son of God). I think there is more to it though ... looking at Jesus specifically. I think that he might even be part of the illusion to keep us trapped inside the cage ... a solution to a problem that isn't really a solution ... but part of the problem. Then again maybe the real Jesus was something completely different from what "the church" makes him out to be ... obscured by The Beast.

Jesus: “the Son of Man”, “The Son of God”, “I and the Father are One” ... At first he’s saying he’s what any person could be - the perceptional possibility that each individual is capable of, if they try... and the future of human evolution (thus the “son”). Then he’s saying he’s Consciousness, just like the blueprint of The Hologram, just smaller. He is the “spark of God”. And the last point he makes is that he is equal to True Reality - he has made the transition.
Of course this is only conjecture... this is what I half-believe. I think that Jesus was a real “prophet of God” - what that metaphorically means - but that two centuries of propaganda (two years for a Beasts playground) has made him into an icon that saves everyone who swears by him, whether they molest little boys or not, and persecutes everyone who doesn’t, whether they’re Satanic, like pagans, or just outmoded (and thus deluded) like Jews and Moslems.
On the other hand, we are in fact reading into the bible right now – but to that criticism let me ask you: can you read it without reading into it? Can you read any symbolical, metaphorical text without reading into it?
I don’t think that is possible for anyone who was born and raised within The Hologram … unless they somehow manage to completely erase every Meme from their minds without eradicating their cognitive abilities. The problem and the solution remains a paradox of The Mind.

The basic teaching of religions is to love others, and give, and work for others, etc. This focus on others takes away focus on the self - as the Dalai Lama wrote on his book “The Path of Happiness” (I think that was the title...good book...laid out the basic religious principles (of all core religions) as acceptable goals for atheists), this is a good practical therapy for a lot of the stress and the depression in modern life – that attitude of service takes the focus off the ego (which expands in direct relation of the attention it gets), thereby fighting the flyers/the beast, that feed on the ego. On the other hand, a lot of all religions (mostly, I might say) turn into hypocrisy and self-righteousness, which is just prime egotism.

If we follow Castaneda’s beliefs, the human mind is greedy, selfish, and insecure because of the flyers. It is these human characteristics (that we supposed to be the individual roots of the sociological Beast, and) that have eroded the religions (and all beliefs and data) since they were born. So the flyers have taken the self-responsibility out of religion – making religions like Christianity and Buddhism, that originally centered on releasing the ego and taking responsibility of all your actions, into idol worship and praying (in their negative aspects; for idol worship in shamanism would be the recognition of the hidden reality of the idol (what it is in SSC), and prayer would be opening up to awareness of energy, and focussing your will into the hologram). Although I might perhaps suggest that Buddhism (in its pragmatic aspect) has eroded less than other religions, because it is founded on the two premises that (1) there is no god, and so only one who can help and save you is yourself, and (2) there is no ego, no self, and so there is no one to feel sorry for, no one to feel self-righteous or offended, and no separation of self and world. Notice these pragmatic cornerstones fly right in the face of the flyers; I think if the other religions made these the center of their practice and not only their philosophy, they’d have lasted longer against the Beast.


Where have all the great prophets gone? Is it that we have become too out of touch with True Reality ... that we are so emerged in The Hologram ... that we can no longer "conjure" them?

I think they’re doing what all prophets would do in the media age - lay low, and do their job - jump-start those who can change and encourage those who can’t to make their lives a little better and the flyers’ a little less. They lie low, because if someone really wants to find them, then they’ll be found.
I think there are people with powers out there. Few of them, but some. Little known, or unknown, except in their village perhaps, or their county.
Here’s something on this from The Path: "He is renowned worldwide for his healing powers and many have spoken of his powers of translocation, bilocation, clairvoyance, telepathy and the ability to materialize solid objects with the power of his mind alone. Sai Baba says that the only difference between himself and the average person is that he has remembered who he is. Many books have been written about Sai Baba’s powers. Howard Murphet’s “Walking the Path with Sai Baba” is one such book written in a credible and lucid fashion."
I’ve heard a lot about this guy, and nothing bad - except one web-site by a fanatic Christian, claiming that he is the devil and uses black magic to perform miracles and some other shit. Sai Baba is very well documented by literally hundreds of writers, and witnessed by millions. A bunch of scientists wanted to test him once, but he refused - he said he wasn’t interested in science, he was interested in people.



Posted 8 July 2003, 7.55 am by The Green Mamba

This part is a little shorter than the others, so for the sake of convenience I decided to list all the source documents again, since this article will throw my Introduction to this series into the archives.

Michael Harner - The Way of the Shaman
Fusion Anomaly - The Matrix
Fusion Anomaly -The Holographic Universe
Fusion Anomaly - Edgar Mitchel
True Mind - The Path
Neoro Energetics - Dreaming Realities
Gnosticism Reborn
Warrior Traveler - Los Voladores-Flyers
Science & Spirit - Light, Matter & The Zero-point Field
Anomalog - The Planck Scale

Like I said before … you have to read at least some of the source documents … otherwise everything Dragonfly and I discussed in these articles will sound like our own personal opinions … which it isn't really.

From Origen, the "church father", and his teaching on God and his relation to free will:
God exists outside of the effect of time and space in eternity, but not separated from time - in the present, the eternal Now.
Somehow, early religions (not all the shit that came later) knew more about existence than we give them credit for - or perhaps they had a source we don't know about...

There are things we have forgotten (or that have become dormant). I think at one stage, before modern culture reared its ugly head we were much more in touch with "god" and True Reality as I've come to call it. In other words "god" is the holographic film that contains all the information required to form the holographic image (and the lazerbeam is the Zero-point field - Jesus said - I am the light - now there may be much more to that than what Christians believe.) - thus "all exists in God" as the Christians explain it. Thus "Tat tvam asi" ('I am that') as the Hindu says. Thus "There is only one God" as the Muslim say. Thus "Life is a dream: AWAKE!" as the Buddhist says. Thus "The Way exists and does not exist" as the Taoist says. Thus….ahhh, you get the point. (couldn't think of one for Jews..)

The universe arises from a blueprint, which is "god" (a Consciousness without personality - it is not "wrathful" nor "loving" except as how we interpret how it behaves), and we are a part of this blueprint. Not a separate part, but an indivisible part of a whole. I would say that the entire Holographic Universe is conscious, the difference between people, the animate and the inanimate, being their levels of awareness. A rock is conscious, but minutely so, with little awareness. Humans, on the other hand, are more aware - they are even more aware than they themselves know.

In fact, the hologram recorded on a holographic film depends on the angle of the laser beam used - you can store millions of pictures on one cubit of holographic film, by varying the angle of the laser beam. Awareness could be seen as the "laser beam" that brings about the Consciousness. Death is a manoeuvre of awareness from one "angle" to another.
Also, changes in Consciousness - like near-death-experiences, lucid dreaming, and Shamanistic journeying - could be subtle movement of the "laser beam" of The Hologram, the laser of our awareness. The greater the movement, the greater the difference between the world we know and the world we experience. After all, Jesus (calling himself the "son of man" (as well as "son of God" and "God") - the evolutionary possibility of each person.

The Sorcerer sees the universe "as a matrix of energy shot through by incandescent strands of consciousness - actual awareness. Those strands formed braids containing inclusive worlds, each as real as this", which is only one among an infinity. Doesn't this remind you of the description of a holographic film? The film "looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears."
"Those strands formed "braids containing all-inclusive worlds, each as real as this ours is merely one among an infinity. The sorcerers call the world we know the "human band" or "the first attention."" Castaneda writes. He says the sorcerers "also saw the essence of the human form. It was not merely an apelike amalgamation of skin and bones, but an egg-shaped ball of luminosity capable of travelling along those incandescent strands to other worlds. Then what held it back? The sorcerers' idea is we are entombed by social upbringing, tricked into perceiving the world as a place of hard objects and finalities. We go to our graves denying we are magical beings; our agenda is to service the ego instead of the spirit. Before we know it, the battle is over---we die squalidly shackled to the Self. Don Juan Matus made an intriguing proposition: What would happen if Castaneda redeployed his troops? if he freed the energy routinely engaged by the aggressions of courtship and mating? if he curtailed self-importance and withdrew from the "defence, maintenance, and presentation" of the ego---if he ceased to worry whether he was liked, acknowledged, or admired? Would he gain enough energy to see a crack in the world? And if he did, might he go through?"


painfully oldschool

Posted 5 July 2003, 9.34 am by Acheron


Oh god, Oregon Trail. And the Neverwinter Nights was just classic.


Posted 2 July 2003, 7.24 am by The Green Mamba

We’ve all heard the expression … mind over matter and even though the limitations and the technicalities of such an elaborate claim are (were) beyond my understanding … I always believed it as an undisputable fact. Lately however, new information has prompted me to change this age old saying to … consciousness over matter. Some might argue that mind and consciousness are the same and that it is an insignificant change. Maybe when you’re done reading this you’ll think differently … for it is our Minds that are the stumbling blocks between the possible and the impossible … not our consciousness.

The "warriors" of Castaneda claim that a person ages and grows weak because they believe in it - it is where their awareness is tuned in on The Hologram, so to speak. If a person gathers enough energy to completely change their belief and perceptual structure into the opposite, then their situation in The Hologram would change - not out of this world or out of this time, but on a different level of symbiosis of earth. This change includes the conscious, sub-conscious and (any possible) supra-conscious mind – what fundamentally makes us who we are. In this way, the abstract definition of “Nagual” (Castaneda and his mentor Don Juan Matus were both Naguals, “double beings”) according to Castaneda is a person with a discontinuity in their life – such as like Castaneda’s one peak experience in his training, when he jumped off a cliff in the Sonora desert and found himself at his apartment in California, two weeks later, with no idea what happened in the time between. (In traditional shamanism of the area the word Nagual (coming from the Aztec ‘nauhualli’) is used for a shaman who can transform into an animal at will (and both Castaneda and his mentor did this, by his account).)
This illustrates well the extent of transformation necessary for or due to the awareness of The Hologram.

“The mind is the fifth column, a foreign installation”. In the hypothesis of The Holographic Universe, Consciousness and The Mind are distinctly separate. Consciousness is the mechanism that projects The Hologram whereas The Mind is simply a part of The Hologram. In light of what Castaneda says, it makes perfect sense ... scientifically and spiritually.

Consciousness does not reside within The Human Mind … but rather The Human Mind exists because of it. The Mind is merely the physical extension of True Reality … wherein Consciousness is the true matrix from which reality is being projected. It exists both within and without The World … simultaneously influencing and influenced by it.
The Mind resides within The Hologram ... whereas Consciousness resides in True Reality. The Mind is but a pale reflection of Consciousness ... and yet the image (The Mind) is obscured by the limitations in our perception within The Hologram (like a photograph - it looks the same but it isn't the real thing)

Basically I'm saying that The Mind is the part of The Hologram that we are able to perceive within the limits of our pre-programmed sensory capabilities. It is the part of the picture through which The Consciousness tries to manifest itself from True Reality into The Hologram. Okay … Maybe it is not pre-programmed by default but by choice - we conform to society, to our parents, when awareness forms in our first years.
Consciousness upholds reality via Mind. Therefore, if you stop The Mind, at least part of it, the controlling part, you can maybe witness energy as it is, before the shaping of The Mind … or, by silencing or transforming part of The Mind, you can change reality - e.g. see True Reality.

In fact, perhaps everything has Mind and Awareness, everything being part of The Mind that is The Hologram.

“If it is the underlying realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe, let us ask ourselves how the universe of space and time would appear from the perspective of a beam of light. The laws of relativity are clear on this point. If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space would shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant.”

Now that could all be a matter of perception. From similarities between The Holographic Universe and The Path, I'd like to believe that all time, energy and matter exist simultaneously. Not only that, but The Universe is simultaneously infinitely small and infinitely large. Every aspect of The Hologram contains a smaller image of the entire universe, but at the same time is part of what we perceive to be the building blocks of the bigger picture. We are not moving though time, we are simply perceiving a certain point in the whole space time continuum. By shifting our perception we can not only change from one aspect of The Hologram to the next, we can actually move through time. Not physically, but perceptually - like the experiments with LSD during the 1970’s and Castaneda’s journeys into the Dreamtime where the traveller saw and experienced things that happened millions of year in the past ... in this and other parts of The Hologram. It goes back to my favourite theory on Time Travel - thinking yourself back and forth in time. In other words, your body remains in this part of The Hologram, while your Consciousness shifts through time into another part of The Hologram.


Posted 30 June 2003, 6.44 pm by Jake

Robocop Flash Vid

So cool you'll wish you were never born. Although I already wish you were never born, but I don't matter. Just click the fucking link already. If your connection is l337.

Oh, and Alexander owns us all, and would sell each of us to African slave traders for a mere chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar.

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