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How do I sign up for the Grinding Shed Forums?

Posted 26 December 2006, 11.17 pm by Alexander

Hi all,

Because of the vast number of spam signups - and these are either very clever bots or very sad people to get past the visual validation - I've disabled new signups for the time being.

If you're a real live human being, and you don't just want to hawk viagra or your shit website, or something else you can't legitimately sell because it's either too shit, too illegal or too much like hard work to actually pay for marketing, you can sign up in the following way:

1) Email me at admin AT akpcep DOT com

2) In the email specify your desired username and password (which you can change later if you wish)

3) Your account will be set up manually and you'll receive confirmation within the day.

Obviously, if you have no intention of ever posting anything, please don't waste my time or yours.

Hope this is all clear.


on 27 December 2006, 4.21 pm
Ant at once added a bogus field to his comments form to temporarily fool the spambots. It was labeled "Do not enter anything into this field". Worked quite well but he removed it in the end, can't remember why.

Hi BTW, and hope you had a jolly holiday.

on 27 December 2006, 5.01 pm
Yes, indeed. But at the end of the day, if it's not bots, and real human spammers, you're still screwed.

Happy xmas etc to you too chappie.

on 30 December 2006, 4.43 am
What is up with spammers? I don't know if its just because my site is relatively new on the 'net, but these buggers are a real nuissance. And for the love of god, why on god's green earth do they think randomly posting a link with no attempt at convincing or context at all will gain them the hits they need? Does the spam method even work enough to warrant the number of people (spambot or otherwise) who are spamming everybody?

on 30 December 2006, 10.07 am
I think it's mainly to increase the number of incoming links to their sites, which may or may not help their organic search engine placement. They're still utter scum though.

on 15 January 2007, 5.17 pm
Before I put wordpress on dotCULT I had a box saying "please type Ryan in this box" and it worked great.

the idea wasn't to fool a bot, but to make using a bot impractical. Any bot programmed to type RYAN into the captcha field every time would ONLY work on my website, and nobody else's... and it's not worth somebody's time to code their bot specifically for each website.

of course.. if it's human, there's another option that I like... all comments including URL's get held utnil approved.

Currently on DC, all comments get held unless i've approved you once before. works great.

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Hey Cris, it's as busy here as it was at the end - which is to say, not at all

I wish I could new you guys was here in the beginning of 2020 LOL

OMG I was feeling nostalgic and I can’t believe that AKP is still here! So how’s it going ?

Props to Green Mamba for bringing the weirdness


80s candy bars were pretty good

only because i traded it for a candy bar in the 80's.


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