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Old people = Shit

Posted 7 November 2002, 2.59 pm by Sickan

I am currently working as a cleaning-robot. Yeah, that’s right, me – I clean people’s houses. And it is, as you probably can imagine, not the most fulfilling and interesting job out there – but it makes sure that I can pay my internet bills and get foo..(yeah right) get more PS2 games.

But even though I don’t like the job I still know how to be polite and nice to the people I clean house for. Now, most of my ‘clients’ (as the company so elegantly calls them) are elderly people who can’t run around in their fat-ass mansions and clean all the crap up that they spill. And I am serious, damn old people are so good at messing stuff up and spread their dust all over the place. Oh well.

Anyway, I had an old bi(a)tch the other day. She was the last one that day and I was looking forward to get home and do much more interesting things than run around with a vacuum cleaner. I was kinda early there and when she opened the door an old smell hit my face and I could see that there had not been people there to clean for quite some time. I politely told her who I was and why I was there and she let me in.

The place was a mess. Not alone very filthy and dusty but there were scattered papers and magazines, clothes and bed sheets all over the place – even in the kitchen. Now this is normally where I am supposed to tell the old folks that I can’t clean the place if there is messy, and that they have to get rid of all the stuff and I will come back another day – and the leave the place and stuff. But I was in a good mood and thought to myself ‘Well jolly old Sickan, you can help this poor woman out and use a little more time here and get all this fixed.’ (I was in a pretty good mood that day..) So I began in one room and started to pick up her dirty clothes and stuff. She was behind me all the time, chattering as most old people do. She told me stuff about her grandchild and her husband – ya know all these uninteresting things – I just smiled and nodded when I was supposed to. (After a while in the business you just know when to let them talk and not respond).

When I had used almost two hours and 45 min. there I was finished. She had just kept on talking even when I used the vacuum cleaner – I mean she was in the talky corner that’s for sure. Anyway I turned to her and smiled and told her the good news (that I had finished and she now had a clean nice house again). Then she stared at me and I could see something changing in her eyes. She lowered her head and looked at me with her old blue eyes. ‘Empty your pockets and take of your socks’ the sound had sounded like her voice and my eyebrows flew up in my forehead, I smiled and stepped a little bit closer to her, ‘Say again?’ she took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eyes ‘ I saw you take money from my purse, so empty your pockets and take of your socks’. I looked at her and giggled, I had no choice I mean my stomach felt like a thousand bees and my mind turned black. I blinked and she pointed her stupid little finger at me, ‘do it – I know that you have stolen from me!’

Then I realized that she was accusing me for stealing! The muscles in my back turned hard as I straightened it. There was a thousand things that I wanted to tell her – I wanted to curl her up, dribble her and throw her out the window. I just looked down at her. Her crappy face made me realize that she wanted to speak again I said, ‘Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you accuse me of that? What the hell is your problem? You have been behind me the whole fucking time I have been here!!’ She smiled and said, ‘I am going to call your firm and tell them about this!’

As I took my coat and shoes on I looked at her, that shitty old lady with nothing better to do than bug people like me. I was there to help her out – I was there to make her house look better and be a good place to be, I had listened to all her shit about her stupid grandchild and about how young people today are dumb-asses – I had spent more time at her place than I have ever done other places and I had really made an effort – all with the foolish idea that she would be glad and perhaps even happy. But she had to turn on me – she had to do this – fucking old bitch!

Now you must wonder why I am so upset about this and I can’t really explain it. But I think I just got mad at her for accusing me because that thought has never crossed in my mind, why would I want to steal from old people? She attacked my moral and made it clear that I (in her mind) is an immoral person. And that I hate.

Today when I went to work I was quite worried about this. If she had told my boss and my boss made a deal out of it there were a lot of things I should prepare myself. Like how many money would she say I had stolen from her , if my boss believed her and not me would I get fired or just put in another job. I don’t know why I worried about it but I did. When I got there my boss mentioned nothing of such matter and I hope that the old lady either died later that day (slowly and in pain) or she had forgotten all about her smart idea.

So right now old people very much = SHIT in my world!


on 7 November 2002, 3.15 pm
Hey Sickan
When I first saw the heading to this article, I thought you had run off with Anton or even worse my young adversary Amaurote, so I was very relieved I realised you were only up for 'Grand Larceny.'

Seriously; Firstly and most importantly, you must immediately tell your company/boss of the above incident. That way they jnow the facts from you first, and not hearing it as an accusation from the old lady or the police. Do it both verbally and in writing.
That way no one can accuse cyou of hiding the facts.

Do not feel to bad against the old 'biddy' she is probably senile anyway, some thing you will experience in @ 55 Yrs and me in a lot less.

It's a pity that your good deed, has turned sour, but that's life, put it down to experience.

Take care

*GLADIATOR remembers that OLD PEOPLE = SHIT*

on 7 November 2002, 3.45 pm
Hehe yeah I will tell my boss about it in the morning. I just hope that there will be no fuss about it because I hate to smack her up like the bitch she is!


on 7 November 2002, 3.56 pm
Think of your signature......Peace.
Then 'smack her up'


on 7 November 2002, 6.49 pm
Glad's right . . she probably is senile - the condition of her house is a testament to that.

I've noticed that the older people get, the more paranoid they get as well (my grandparents being a prime example).

I'm really sorry that she accused you of stealing. It's not a good feeling to have your morals and work questioned. Hopefully, when you tell your boss, it will become clear she's done stuff like this before and he/she will make sure you don't get sent there again . . .

*mumbles* take off your socks . . . pah.

on 7 November 2002, 8.05 pm
Heheh yeah 'take of your socks'?? I mean what the crap?? Yeah I think she is a stupid old senile bastard and I hope that my boss have been there before. Its not really the whole thing about her talking with people about it - its more why the hell would I want to steal from an old lady - from anyone!! Its just so not me...


on 7 November 2002, 10.57 pm
In general, the old fear, envy and suspect the young; then again, in general the young often fear, envy and suspect the old, albeit for very different reasons.

People invariably treat cleaners like shit: I know, because I was one for eleven months, and I very quickly developed an inferiority complex. This woman seems an unusually pathological case, but get ready for people pulling social rank on you, because that's what the lot of a cleaner entails, sadly - mortuary, domestic or otherwise.

on 8 November 2002, 1.01 pm

At least she only asked you to take your socks off. Better than some of those senile young men you meet, I bet.

Firebrand is correct that you get more 'paranoid' as one gets older, I was sure Sickan was running off with young Anton or worse still Amaurote, after reading the title of her article. lol

Oh Tagboard, I never heard anyone pulling rank on their cleaner, my wife would never allow me too.

on 14 November 2002, 8.11 pm
Old people aren't shit... they're just old.

Horror Story: We'll all be old at one point in our lives!!!!
(cue horrific string-music)

on 14 November 2002, 8.11 pm
actually, correction... SOME people are shit... they don't have to be old... they could be... just some people are shit. Young or Old.

Just... the old are kinda hard to miss when they turn into shit.

on 4 August 2004, 7.19 am

on 4 August 2004, 7.21 am

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