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exams exshmams!

Posted 9 June 2002, 5.52 am by Villager

Tomorrow I have the first of 7 of the most decisive examinations of my life. They will determine which country I live in for the next four years plus. They determine what I will be studying for the next four years plus. Two long years of classes and study will be justified or let down by a few short hours sat in a sweaty gymnasium in the summer's heat. I've not worked as hard as I could have done - far from it, and things would certainly be different had I the power of Hindsight.

All that said, though, if the worse comes to the worse, I'll still go to University, still study for four years, still have a decent chance to get a decent job at the end of it. My future after those four years will likely be very similar - and it will be little more than the location and the quality of the establishment at which I study that will be affected. The core elements in my life - continued education, companionship with a loved one, freedom of movement, independence et al, will all be affected little by Success or Failure.

It puts things into a comforting perspective, and I smile when I see others around me pulling their hair out because they are resigned to falling short of the expectations set by parents, teachers, and themselves. Sure, it may make the difference between immediate decisions and the like - such as whether I go to University in England or Scotland, Glasgow or Birmingham - but when all's done and dusted, my performance in Further Education will have far less effect on where and how I end up than class, wealth, personal interests and opportunities that care not how well I've done at College.

I am working class, able to live comfortably but not extravagantly, with a fairly well developed idea of what I want to see and achieve in the future - not just the next four years, but well into adulthood. Those factors - the tangible societal flexibilities, and my personal nature - will decide the outcome of my education youth, not As and Bs and meeting my Target Grades. I will do more or less as well as I can, and for me that will be of more importance than whether or not some grey-haired middle class so and so Up North whom I've never met and never will meet thinks me able enough.

on 9 June 2002, 8.37 pm
Best of luck Vill, and kind of off topic, or not, this was the 300th piece posted since the site recode.

Crazy? Yes.

on 9 June 2002, 10.52 pm
Fuck the establishment man. I done away with all that shit years ago. Although I do go to school. As I once posted here before; Don't let the education system shape or mould your own fate.

The university of life is far more endearing. At least that's from my perspective. I've been somewhat a free radical in the last few years. I've learned so much from not abiding.

Well, it's your own choice I guess.

on 10 June 2002, 1.11 am
you dont sound very working class to me mate.

on 10 June 2002, 8.09 am
That's because he's a jobless slacker.

Get a job, contrbiute to society itr might make you feel good about yourself

on 10 June 2002, 1.42 pm
Good luck anyway Vill. I still like you even if you are 'working class.'

on 10 June 2002, 8.13 pm
Hey, I may be a so-and-so, but I'm not middle-class and I don't have grey hair.

Oh, NOW I see what he meant.

Good luck Deano.

on 12 June 2002, 3.25 pm
I'm late with the well wishes...but good luck Vill!

on 4 August 2004, 6.19 am

on 4 August 2004, 6.21 am

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