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I'm going to live to 87! Yay!

Posted 9 June 2002, 5.32 am by Villager

Ever wondered how long you'll live?
Ever wanted a grossly generalised and inspecific test to tell you?
Ever wanted to know just how grey you will get barring an untimely accident/suicide/murder/terrorist attack?

Then here is the answer that you've been looking for.

on 9 June 2002, 10.42 am
I want to know but the shitty fucking thing won't work

The Roach
on 9 June 2002, 10.50 am
God damn, that's one really non-specific test. It leaps from less than 1 pack per day straght to 2 or more! Regardless, I'm expected to live until I'm 71, which is about twice as long as I've planned for.

For those who want to take the test, use this web address: longevity_game_popup.html

The Roach
on 9 June 2002, 10.51 am
Or not. Fuck.

Try this one instead: _game_popup.html

Somehow, a space wound up in my last comment.

The Roach
on 9 June 2002, 10.52 am
It did it again.

Ok, for the last fucking time. That's the address, put it in your address bar, make sure there's no fucking spaces in it, and you should be good to go.

on 9 June 2002, 1.59 pm
no still doesnt work, fucking stupid quiz anyway, we all know that bush is gonna nuke us all anyhow!

on 9 June 2002, 6.53 pm
We should find a "How clueless are you at html" test.


The Roach
on 9 June 2002, 8.57 pm
I can't help it that your code inserts a space into excessively long lines, now can I?

on 10 June 2002, 3.06 pm
ooohh! hand bags at ten paces eh girls?

on 10 June 2002, 5.24 pm

I only made it do that to annoy you Roach.

Oh, and to stop people pushing the tables out. :)

on 12 June 2002, 12.48 pm
I'm going to die. Today. In a horrid plane crash.

At least that's what the test said.

on 4 August 2004, 6.19 am

on 4 August 2004, 6.21 am

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