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Vampire: the Masquerade Redemption

Posted 19 February 2002, 5.58 pm by Villager

I used to play a lot of computer games, in my earlier youth. From the Amstrad to the N64, I would spend hours each day working my way through games, be it alone or with equally addicted friends on multi-player Death Matches. Since I started working, and going to college, I've barely touched them. That may be due to 'growing out of it', or simply not having the time or enthusiasm for it anymore, having more profitable, urgent things to be doing. Recently, however, a game has caught my attentions by the balls and it won't let go. The game is Vampire: the Masquerade Redemption

The game begins as a standard enough RPG (for those new to all this.. Role Playing Game) whereby you take control of a Knight (our Hero Christof, who has a remarkably solid jaw) and, predictably enough, do battle with evil (in this case the naughty vampires which are running around everywhere). The storyline soon becomes more complex, with Christof falling prey to the vampires, and is now one of the Kindred. From here you develop new alliances and new enemies within the dark world, and Christof somewhat reluctantly recruits various comrades to fight alongside him/you, forming what is known as a cotérie, and you can control, and are responsible for, up to four characters at a time.

The game has an intricate storyline, with suspense, intrigue and drama at every turn. One drawback is the linear nature of the game - despite the developer's efforts to circumvent this by allowing you to choose Christof's speech at times - but it detracts little from the quality of the game. If you have any interest whatsoever in games which deal with Vampires or the medieval period, then this game will most definitely appeal to you, and you’ll soon be cursing the blaspheming wretches who hath stolen ye mortal social life!

One of the best features of the game is the time travel. Far from being restricted to one time or place, the game spans two time periods - medieval and modern, and four cities - Prague, Vienna, New York and London. As expected, the weapons, characters and peripherals are all upgraded to modern standard, and it really is an impressive despatch of ideas. The graphics are excellent, the sounds are often too realistic, and the game-play is engrossing. The genius in design of some of the levels will leave you wide eyed and bare-fanged, with each passing dungeon serving only to increase your thirst for blood and aggravate the beast within...

The game is challenging, but not so hard as to risk your giving up, as there is always the promise of discovering what the fruits of your current mission will be. It will take you weeks to complete, and the online multi-player feature will keep you going even longer. It’s not often I can be bothered to play games now, but Vampire: TMR really is the complete package. Pure quality. So, unsheath thy blade and gird thy loins knave, for there be a great battle upon us..

Buy it at amazon
The Roach
on 21 February 2002, 7.35 pm
I TOTALLY disagree. VtM:R is a horrible adaptation of White wolfs pen and paper game. It's a god damn joke, actually. Not only do they bastardize many of the vampire disciplines, the entire feel of the World o fDarkness is muted. Personally, I think the multiplayer mode would be a lot more fun if it was easier to make your own chronicles, and I shouldn't have to spend 3 hours downloading a mapmaker mod to do it. Anyway, the only reason I'd purchase this is for the rampant number of home brewed mods for the game. I've seen mage, werewolf, extended vamp rules, and even god-damn changeling mods for this thing. I encourage you, if you have a friend who has it, to take a look, but don't spend your hard earned dollars on this festering sack of blood-pus-shit.

on 21 February 2002, 7.41 pm
Well, having not played the predacessor, I can only judge the game as it stands alone, and if that's the case most of your gripes disapply. Fair play though.

on 23 February 2002, 12.04 am
Is disapply a word?

on 23 February 2002, 11.07 pm
Have you nothing better to do?

on 4 March 2002, 12.21 am

on 10 July 2004, 9.29 pm
V:TMR is great!! I didn't played the pen and paper, but this game is cool!

on 10 July 2004, 9.29 pm
Crugher is right!

on 10 July 2004, 9.30 pm
I support crugher opinion and i wnt to say that he is very cute :)
I love you!

on 4 August 2004, 6.20 am

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